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  2. +1 German Are there any plans to do this on any time? Or is it possible to translate on our own?
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  4. Hi Pavel, We responded to you email within 7 hours, so possibly this has been caught in your spam filter. I've just resent our email again from our support email address, and our backup Gmail address. Please let us know if you did not get these emails? Regards, Support
  5. I opened up a ticket on this but have not heard anything back. Passwordstate Support Request (id=20214621040600) I installed the RSL Gateway and am having issues connecting to it. From my understanding it would be https://servername.fqdn:7273 from the documentation but maybe am wrong? When I connect to that port I get I have installed this on the same server as Password state. I have tried it on the original password state server I had built and another new build and get the same error. I have tried the manual and auto install on both. Pertinent info below Wha
  6. As we have similar requirements as BjornDir - is there any update on this topic? Is there any possibility to automatically create this linked Remote Session Credentials for newly created hosts and manage the permission on this credentials via groups?
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  8. For us too it would be a +1 to have this feature added. Being able to launch other programs then the 5 pre-configured once is something that would make a great addition.
  9. Thanks for feedback - we appreciate it. And yes, when using SQL Express, you need to enable TCP/IP - please refer to our install instructions here for that - https://www.clickstudios.com.au/downloads/Installing_SQLServerExpress_2019.pdf Regards Click Studios
  10. To make the app server work you have to pin its certificate through the main Passwordstate service, which currently seems to use the certificate itself. I'm using Let's Encrypt for my certificates, so that means every few months I have to clear the pin, re-query for the new cert and tell all users to re-pair their apps. And even if you use "real" certs that have a validity period of a couple years, once that expires you'll have exactly the same problem. I propose that instead of generating some form of hash of the certificate, Passwordstate should use the SPKI fingerprint instead.
  11. I seem to have it fixed, some pointers for anyone else: SQL Express 2019 remote access turned off my default even if SQL Management Studio says its on, you have to enable TCP/IP AND set the SQL port as its blank by default, at least it was blank on my installation. Regards PK
  12. Hi Everyone I cant seem to get the mobile app server to connect to the main server, I have followed the mobile app setup instructions exactly and turned off Windows firewall on both machines. The main server is a domain member (Windows server 2019) and the mobile app server is a Windows 10 machine (not a domain member) . The polling state under Authorised Web Servers always shows a red indicator and never goes to green. When I try and browse to the mobile app server url http://pws.domain.com.au I get an SQL error complaining that it cant connect to the sql express instance. I h
  13. Hello Rankinc, With our Browser Based Launcher, we do not have a feature for viewing active sessions unfortunately. For your second query, can you please log a support call via this page https://www.clickstudios.com.au/support.aspx, and provide instructions for how we can reproduce this issue - and then we can look into it. Thanks very much. Regards Click Studios
  14. Hey, Two questions that I cannot seem to find the answer for: How do you see current remote sessions? (browser based launcher) I can see session start in auditing but not if they are active or not as far as I can see. Most times we use a URL credential the browser extension asks to Update or Later even though nothing has changed. Additionally, Update appears to do nothing.
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  16. Hi there, today we recognized that the client based launcher is not working with the Teamviewer client anymore. We´re running PWS 9 Build 9117 on Windows 10 Pro clients (20H2). Teamviewer client is running the latest version. We´ve tested all available browser (Edge, Chrome, Firefox, etc.) but haven´t been lucky so far. The Teamviewer client is not poping up to recieve the user credentials. All credentials and hosts are configured follwing this post: https://forums.clickstudios.com.au/topic/2111-using-the-remote-session-launcher-to-use-teamviewer-to-connect/
  17. As of version 9.0 build 9073 if a user clicks on a PasswordState Permalink for an entry that they don't already have access too, they're presented with a message that says "Insufficient Privileges. It appears you do not have the correct permissions to view this password record, Password List, or page. If you believe this should not be the case, please contact one of your Password List Administrators to investigate why." The message is fine, but the page is a dead-end. It would be nice to give the user an option to Request Access to the password that they're trying to access.
  18. Hi, We would like to be able to associate custom password fields with forms fields using browser extension. For example, we have some websites where we must logs using Three fields: - Domain - Username - Password Using browser extension, we can only populate username and password. It would be nice to have in the "browser form fields" tab of a password the ability to associate a other standard fields or custom fields, to form fields and having them automatically filled-in. Thanks.
  19. Hi, We're a large IT group and we have multiple subsidiaries using a central passwordstate vault. Each subsidiary have it's own set of internal ou customers accounts / password / servers / ... We manage the segmentation on passwords using folders (advanced or standard permissions models) or lists: each team have its own root folder and manage their subfolders and lists inside. So people from team A cannot see passwords from team B unless they've been granted for. However, hosts are not manageable in the same way. No segmentation is possible for adding / deleting / editing
  20. Hello Emad, In the next release, the same Windows Installer used to perform a fresh install of Passwordstate, will also be used for upgrades. So you will need to manually download the installer from our web site, confirm the checksums, and then run the installer. Regards Click Studios
  21. Hi Thank you very much. I have been testing, looking good. What about future updates, how will I get these upgrades? Emad
  22. Bump. I also miss the possibility in the GUI to bulk change passwords in a list for the Auto check-in feature. Let's say I want to change the Auto check-in timer for multiple passwords (or all in a list). I can't find a way to do this w/o going through each and every password. That means to open it, confirm that you want to check-out, go to the Security tab and manually change the timer settings.
  23. Issue: You are seeing the error below when trying to perform resets, discoveries or heartbeats on Oracle database accounts: Fix 1: Ensure you have downloaded and installed the Oracle ODAC components as per Section 4 of the Privileged Account Management Guide: https://www.clickstudios.com.au/downloads/version9/Passwordstate_Privileged_Account_Management_Manual.pdf Fix 2: In Passwordstate, check the path in Administration -> System Settings -> Password Resets tab for the path to your Oracle ODAC components. Confirm this path is the correct path
  24. Issue: You have a Password List set up for automatic resets, and you'd like to be alerted by email when the scheduled resets occur. Fix: Set up a scheduled report by following the instructions below: Click Scheduled Reports -> Add Report Select Custom Auditing Report, and choose the option to not send the report if it produces no results. Consider including a CC email address, otherwise the report will be sent to you only. Choose the schedule of your choice, in this example we are having the report daily at 8am.
  25. Hello Mike, With this setting, you get all the same features in the Browser Extension, as you do internally i.e. form-filling, saving new web site logins, and updating web site logins. But when using the App Server URL like this, you do not get access to the full UI of Passwordstate, as this is installed internal to your network, and not in your DMZ. I hope this clarifies. Regards Click Studios
  26. I just updated to version 9 and like the improved mobility options. Offline cache, a smartphone app, and browser connection are updated features that are highly welcome. Nice work! More of my staff is working remotely and having this ability is welcome! I have a dual server setup, where the primary Passwordstate website is on our internal domain, and the App server is sitting in the DMZ. I noticed that there's a new mobility setting to assign a URL that the Browser Extension. Up until now, it's been a requirement that my users have needed to join the VPN to access their passwo
  27. Hello, Unfortunately this is not possible in our software. You can however search in the API, if that is of any help to you. Regards Click Studios
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