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  2. Hi Lennart, We've replied to your email regarding this with some more instructions on how to fix this. Regards, Support
  3. The only User Account Policy that I have configured right now is one for enabling MFA with Google Authenticator and it has been there since way back. This is an existing Password List, the automatic backups were running fine until I started upgrading Passwordstate to newer versions. We have support maintenance contract with you and its been a while now that I have had this problem so how do I go about getting on a call with you? I dont think this maintenance support contract only covers Forum support and emails.. Please let me know - Thanks!! //Lennart
  4. Hello, Version 7 was no longer supported when version 9 was released, which was on 1st of March 2021. And yes, you can upgrade by following these instructions https://www.clickstudios.com.au/downloads/version9/Upgrade_to_Passwordstate9_Instructions.pdf. Please note the new System Requirements, and that the upgrade process needs to be done in two steps - first upgrade to build 8995, and then you can upgrade to version 9. Regards Click Studios
  5. Issue: If you are using a named SQL instance on your database server, with a common one being SQLEXPRESS, you may see an issue with the Test Permissions button or when performing a backup, where is says it cannot connect to the database server, and you should check permissions. Fix: If you can upgrade to build 9117 or higher, this should fix the issue. On some systems, the Powershell commands do not accept the server name in a FQDN format, for example, dbserver01.contoso.com\SQLEXPRESS. We have changed this to only reference the netbios name of the server in build 9117,
  6. Hi Michal, Yes, it's available in build 9112 or higher. What build are you currently running, as the button for downlading this installer is working for us? The installer is also located in the /downloads folder within your Passwordstate folder - it's called PasswordstateSelfDestruct.exe. Regards Click Studios
  7. Is this new version available now? I'm getting 'page not found' errors when trying to download self destruct installer from passwordstate system settings page for self destruct.
  8. Hi, we have a VERY old version of passwordstate and wondering when it offically went eol and how we would upgrade to 9.x (if there is even an upgrade path). Thx!
  9. Hello Rankic, Yes, this is now possible in version 9. The reason it was not really possible in version 8 was because of Session Recording, where the saved sessions would be stored in different locations, and viewing them in the UI may have resulted in an error saying the file does not exist - because it's on the other server. But now, you can configure it to save recording sessions to a network share. Regards Click Studios
  10. Is there support now or in the future for the Remote Gateway to be on one or both Passwordstate instances (Primary and HA)? At the moment I have the Gateway on 3rd server. I thought this was potentially in the works but I cannot find the reference so I maybe I am getting this wrong.
  11. Manually reapplying the upgrade with the corrected code did solve our issue. Thanks.
  12. Hi I am wanting to know how have other got their PasswordState Installation setup For example is it installed on your own Servers Internally or have it running on a Windows VPS externally or in Azure or AWS if you do have it installed on a Externally hosted vps, Azure or AWS how do you have it locked down. Do you access via VPN for example if you are at Client's site instead of office? Or do you only access via a RDSH / Terminal Server. Or do you have the App Server configured for Mobile Access when working remotely? Matthew
  13. Hi Guys, Could you please follow section ‘5. Manual Upgrade Instructions’ in the following document to replace all the files again for us - https://www.clickstudios.com.au/downloads/version9/Upgrade_Instructions.pdf We did identify this issue also yesterday, and re-released build 9112 straight away with a fix. We’re truly sorry for the inconvenience also. Regards Click Studios
  14. I've gotten Azure App Proxy configured for our Passwordstate instance. I can access the site on or off the production network and access passwords in our password lists. However, I cannot get remote sessions to work. They just open in a new tab, then the browser tab closes after a few seconds. The errors in the error console are pretty generic "Remote Session Launcher Browser Based Gateway Error. Error = Code = connection, Message = Failed to connect to Gateway!". Has anyone here who has configured Passwordstate with Azure App Proxy gotten the remote session functionality to work and, if
  15. After upgrading from build 9000 to build 9112 yesterday we are now unable to access any password lists. The following error is recorded: Overload resolution failed because no Public 'UrlEncode' can be called with these arguments: 'Public Shared Function UrlEncode(str As String) As String': Argument matching parameter 'str' cannot convert from 'DBNull' to 'String'. 'Public Shared Function UrlEncode(bytes As Byte()) As String': Argument matching parameter 'bytes' cannot convert from 'DBNull' to 'Byte()'., StackTrace = at Microsoft.VisualBasic.CompilerServices.OverloadResolution.ResolveOverl
  16. Hi Peter, The Health Check Utility does not read SQL Server, or the time, and possibly you are referring to our Server Infor PowerShell script? Thanks for your feedback Peter - we appreciate it. Regards Click Studios
  17. Thanks, it's all working now the missing item was the template and me not been able to find them, your video instructions gave a hint for the rest, even though I was using a local account, as the password state is not joined to the domain for maintenance reasons. I had to run the following to get the 'Health Check Utility' to work, might be good to note that somewhere incase someone else has the same issue. Set WRM (windows remote management) to autostart with delay in services.msc I run the following in Windows Powershell ISE with administrator privi
  18. Thanks that got it, you were correct it was off, I no idea why, a mystery for when I'm bored, I can now see the templates so hopefully I can get the backups up and running again
  19. Hi Ian, Below is the SQL command you can try - we do not believe this will help though, as you are using a domain controller here: USE Passwordstate UPDATE BackupSettings SET UIImpersonation = 1 Regards Click Studios
  20. Hi Peter, Please see our response to your latest issue in your other forum post - https://www.clickstudios.com.au/community/index.php?/topic/14621-missing-default-system-templates/ Regards Click Studios
  21. Hello All, Please upgrade to build 9112, and you will now have options to disable this feature (not recommended), and the feature will also now track per UserID - so one user will not be able to lock out another user. Regards Click Studios
  22. Hi Peter, It seems you have changed the System Setting to hide Inbuilt Templates. Please got to the screen Administration -> System Settings, and search at the top of the screen for the word inbuilt. Alternatively, you can edit the properties of an existing Password List, and select the option "Enable Password Resets - allows password resetting with other systems". We believe it is this setting you are needing for our backup functionality. Regards Click Studios
  23. I recently upgraded to V.9, got a few issues, but the main one seem to be missing system default templates. I had this system for a long time I have no real way of knowing if this is historical or a new issue for sure, as I never used the default templates ever, this is now a requirement it seems to get backup working. So anyone know how I can restore the system default template, I have ran a manual update as per: ‘5. Manual Upgrade Instructions’ to replace all the files to V9.1 (Build 9112), still no system templates! That'a where I am for now.
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