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  1. I know that and working this way, but if you have a lot of Password Lists it is really time-consuming to roll down and find destined list. Anyway , thanks for reaction. Albert
  2. Dear Support, I know that this functionality is not so important but option for duplicate pass in password menu could be really time saving. Many passwords in the lists differentiate only with login and pass values (sometimes urls and pass) but there are a lot of other similar details. It is much easier to copy password and change only few existing elements than creating a new one. But when there is a lot of password lists it take some time to find the destination list on copy window. I find it very useful to have an option to duplicate the password to the same password l
  3. Is there any chance to implement FIDO 2.0 in nearest future ? Microsoft is working on it on Azure AD right now but it should be available on Windows Server AD soon. https://security-architect.com/fido-passwordless-authentication/
  4. I know, working in that manner right now ... but liked recent passwords also , it's pretty useful sometimes because it's hard to keep too many records in favorites. Would be great to work with asymmetric layout
  5. Hi, I't s a pity, I like recent password module but after update to version 8 cannot left Zone empty so one column mode is limited to only 2 panels. Search and Favorites are more important for me. Best Regards Albert
  6. Hi, I've noticed that there is some issue with configuring screen options. I used to set all panels in myscreen options within one column (panel below panel). But now I've lost possibility to set it in this way because can't move Zones below. If i Try to move panel to other zone it completes with error that Zone can't be empty (as in screenshot) Pleeeeeease let me choose one column mode as it was in earlier versions , my 12" laptop crush that Password Home view with no mercy
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