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    frogstarr78 reacted to support in Remote Session Credentials Created User, Date, and Possibly report   
    Hello frogstarr78,
    If you go to the screen Administration -> Auditing, you can filter on various 'Remote Session Credential' activity types on this screen, and it should give you the information you need.
    Click Studios
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    frogstarr78 reacted to willem in Permission templates in the New PasswordList Wizard   
    We have different permission (sets) for different types of shared password lists.
    The Wizard currently doesn't copy the permissions from the PasswordList Template.
    So, after creating a new List with the wizard, I still have to open the Password List Properties to set the Permission to the Template.
    Is it possible to add a feature to the Wizard that Copies the Permissions from the Template?
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    frogstarr78 reacted to Fabian Näf in Browser extension: Ignore asking for saving credentials   
    Hi all,
    I've some websites on which the Passwordstate browser extension is asking me all the time if I'd like to save a password. This happens e.g. when there are different password fields on a website, like when you manage users with a password field, this will happen all the time. After every form submit Passwordstate is asking if the password should be saved. This is very annoying. If you click "Ignore" (screenshot below), it leads to prevent Passwordstate from filling the form as well.
    There's currently no way from stopping the browser extension to ask for saving passwords and still let it fill the form.

    I really would like, if clicking on "ignore" would only prevent asking for saving passwords, but would not stop filling the form. For me it really doesn't even make sense to ask at this point about stop filling forms and I think this is not really obvious as well (that clicking on this ignore button, after entering credentials, will lead to stop filling of other credentials in the form on this site). I guess it's not only confiusing for me and I guess that many people unintended stopped the browser extension from filling the form by clicking on ignore there.
    From my opinion these are two completely different things:
    1. Prevent Passwordstate from filling forms: I think it's good to have this as a user preference setting as it is right now.
    2. Prevent Passwordstate from asking about saving a password: I think this should be handled in the browser extension.
    So here's my actual feature request:
    1. Clicking on "ignore" on the screenshot showing above should not stop Passwordstate from filling any forms. Instead it should just stop asking for saving passwords.
    2. I really would wish to have something like a checkbox or a switch displayed in the browser extension. There I could control if I would like have Passwordstate asking me to save passwords on the current site (should be enabled by default). A little mockup below, sorry for bad paint skills ;-)

    If you like this feature request, please post a "+1", highly appreciated!
    All the best,
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