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Found 4 results

  1. Hi Can you please help? my initial backup is not working, getting an error "- Backup error detected - Object reference not set to an instance of an object." I have followed the instructions in section "Backups and Upgrades". I tried adding the backup account to the local admin group with no joy. Also tried my own admin account still did not work. when I test it I get the error "Test Failed - please check if the Backup Path, UserName and Password are correct, that the account you specified has permissions to the backup share, and to copy file into this directory." My p
  2. Here at Click Studios we frequently do testing of certain features, and we use a handy script to quickly restore your database. We thought we'd share this script with our community which can help speed up testing. An example when we use this script is we are writing an API script to import bulk passwords into the system, but we did something wrong in our script and it imported a whole bunch of incorrect data for what ever reason. We then decide to roll back the database to the state it was in just prior to running the script, and then test our API script again until we get it rig
  3. Hi, I have just set up the automated backup system that comes with PasswordState however it is unclear how I would be able to restore from backup. As a test I wanted to restore a backup to check if it works properly but I can't find the feature anywhere. How would one do this?
  4. I want to describe my experience when upgrading Passwordstate from a clean (first time) installation Versions: Current Build: Version 6.3 (Build 6350) New Build: Version 7.0 (Build 7033) Note: I am running Passwordstate on a server, that is not connected to a domain/AD. I had a fair bit of trouble with this, probably mostly due to the fact I am new to passwordstate, so I thought I would document for any other readers running into the same problem. My issue were primarily with getting the backup working. Here's what I did: I put in my userinfo and back
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