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  1. Oddly enough it is working now - both the zip and bak files are present. Over the weekend the scheduled backups ran correctly and a test backup just now resulted in both files being created in the backup folder. I'll keep an eye on it to ensure both files are being consistently created. Thanks for your assistance!
  2. Test Permissions does not report any errors, and the web files are backed up with the appropriate date and time. I have watched the video; the account has already been granted permission to access the SQL Server services. The account used for backups is a non administrator and the SubInACL application was used to allow modification of the Passwordstate folder and subfolders in accordance with the instructions found in the Security Administrators Manual. The account also was added to Local Security Policies' Log on as a batch job also as detailed in the manual.
  3. I have configured Passwordstate to backup to a folder on a separate file server, the backup seems to run fine, but there is only the zip file, no bak files. The option to exclude database backup is not selected. A setting I missed?
  4. Due to a recent disaster, our Passwordstate server needs rebuilt. In our backup folder, however, there are only zip files, no bak files. Can this be recovered?!
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