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  1. Thanks. I guess there's no way to do this only for the extension and not for the Passwordstate website itself? I was looking for a way to keep the extension signed in without exposing the passwords, and to force a logout of the Passwordstate website (where you would be able to view all passwords) after x minutes. The reason behind this is that our security team is scared that passwords are exposed when users leave their system without locking it. Therefore we now force a logout of the browser extension and the passwordstate website after 5 minutes, and we require 2FA for signing in again. That may be secure, but it's also impractical.
  2. Is it possible to disable the show and copy password options in the Passwordstate browser extension. That way you could still fill in passwords on websites automatically or by using the icon overlay, but it wouldn't be possible to see the passwords themselves from the browser extension.
  3. Ok, I thought as much. Thank you!
  4. There are some websites that require you to fill in more fields than username and password to log in. For example this website https://edepot.divault.com/login also has a company (Organisatie) field that needs to be filled in. Is it possible to do that with Passwordstate?
  5. Please add an option to disable auto-fill in the browser extension for everyone. We would like to disable this centrally for all our users, and force them to click the icon overlay or use the extension icon to fill in credentials on websites. We're concerned that malicious websites could steal credentials when auto-fill is enabled without requiring user interaction.
  6. That's great news We're actually running the v9 beta, but we're using the v8 Chrome extension from the Google store. Is this feature working in beta when the v9 extension is used?
  7. Is it possible for Passwordstate to detect a changed password? For example: I create an Outlook.com account and store the credentials in Passwordstate. I than change the Password for the account in Outlook.com. I log in on Outlook.com with the new credentials. Passwordstate doesn't pop up to save the changed credentials. I would like Passwordstate to notice that the credentials have changed and to prompt me to save the change to Passwordstate.
  8. OK, that is good to know, thanks!
  9. Do you have any indication of when passwordstate 9 will be released officially? We're implementing passwordstate 8 currently looking to go live somewhere in February. With version 9 around the corner we're considering to go with that right away, but if version 9 is still a couple of months away we'll stick to version 8 for now.
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