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  1. Thank you for your replies, Unfortunately, I can't see how to purchase annual support and maintenance for $55 on it's own. Am I right in thinking that I would also need to buy 5 users as a one-off payment for $275? Regards Tom
  2. I've been looking forward to version 9 for many months, the biggest feature I'm interested in is offline access via the mobile app. What really caught me by surprise was the changes to the pricing model. I'm all up for passwordstate increasing the price as the product works well but I just wasn't expecting it. I'm running a 2 users setup, on one server, the biggest things we use are Password Resets (resetting user accounts via AD sync) and the Browser Extension for Google Chrome, so we aren't copying and pasting passwords, obviously with version 9 I wanted to use the mobile app, but given we were using the free version and I didn't expect a cost, I hadn't budgeted for it. Is anyone able to clarify if the following features for a 2 user, 1 server setup are indeed paid for features after the upgrade to version 9? AD Password Resets Browser Extensions I've attached the screen shown when you upgrade to Build 8995 for others to see and the message on Passwordstate's home page which has now been removed.
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