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  1. There are options to prevent users from adding in, deleting or making changes to hosts, and prevent users from changing permissions. Under 'Administration -> Feature Access -> Hosts' are some options but nothing that will stop the ability to view the permissions or view the host properties.
  2. After creating 2 discovery jobs, they are giving me errors (Job Type = Dependencies). Other disovery jobs, for example "Active Directory Accounts" and "Windows Local Admin Accounts" are working properly. Discovery Job Name: Discovery-All-Scheduled-Tasks Description: Discovery-All-Scheduled-Tasks Job Type: New Dependencies Error: An error has occurred in the Passwordstate Windows Service executing the method 'ProcessDependenciesDiscoveryJob'. Error = One or more errors occurred.&stacktrace= at System.Threading.Tasks.Task.ThrowIfExceptional(Boolean includeTaskCanceledEx
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