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  1. Here's another screenshot that may be helpful. In this scenario I loaded up a fresh instance of PasswordState, navigated to my password store and opened a single entry. Simply opening the entry generated most of the errors you can see on the right. The last error block was a result of clicking the "Cancel" button on the pop-up window. The window will not disappear when clicking cancel. I can only make it go away by refreshing the entire page. Only happens if there are more than 6 password entries in a given folder/section. And again, keep in mind this occurs in any browser. This is not limited to Chrome.
  2. I don't have any insight into how my company has the server set up on the back end. I doubt there's a load balancer since our company has relatively light load on the server. I also doubt there's a proxy or reverse proxy since all communication with the server is done over local network connection. For remote users a VPN is necessary to connect to the company network before the password system is accessible. I'm aware the issue is related to my system only. I've conferred with other users on my team and it seems I'm the only one experiencing this issue. Dev console shows the following errors:
  3. I'm having an odd issue where when there are more than 6 entries in a particular section some of the menus no longer work. The actions menu is unresponsive, and the copy function on both username and password stops working. If I go into an individual password entry and it opens the pop-up window I cannot save or cancel and the window will not close, forcing me to refresh the entire page. This same issue happens on Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, in both regular and Incognito windows. I've cleared cache, disabled all extensions, checked Java and other browser settings....pretty much done everything except do a clean Windows install. Looking for some recommendations on things to try to resolve this.
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