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  1. We have a security request to only allow certain lists to be used by the browser extension. From the administrative side, if there were a user policy to "only use private lists" for users, or have an option on password lists for "do not allow browser extension use", that would help us. This may be an edge case, but if it can be done, then the default behavior would remain as-is to not impact existing folks, while adding the option to deny/block the extension or user from using certain lists with the browser extension. Thank you.
  2. Currently, if the browser extension fails to auto-fill the login fields, you have to select the link, which redirects you to the specific URL for the Passwordstate record of that account. Since the browser extension is able to retrieve the password already (to automatically fill the web form), is it possible to allow the user to simply "copy to clipboard" the password and have it generate the same audit event ("Password copied to clipboard")?
  3. We're running v8.4, Build 8459. We have discovery jobs set to run at specific times (e.g. "Weekly - 01:00"). When running an on-demand discovery, the job's schedule is changed to one minute in the future and the frequency is reset to daily (see example). My feature request: Ability to run on-demand jobs without affecting the previously established schedule. I mean, the workarounds are to create a new discovery job as a one-off, or go back and update the schedule after. Neither is particularly desirable. It would be great if we could run on-demand discoveries while not affecting the defined schedule--or even as a compromise, could the ad-hoc job at least maintain/honor the defined frequency (daily/weekly/etc)? Thanks. -Geoff
  4. Tim, I sent you a separate email directly, but following up here in case I can help answer any questions. Our general breakdown compares to you, with the exception we are a single hospital in one geographic location. But we too support multiple physician practice offices and outside facilities (~4k users). Happy to try and answer any questions you may have. Thanks. -Geoff Orlebeck
  5. Thanks @Buckit. I'll kick the idea around internally to see if we can make something that works for the less experienced PowerShell team members.
  6. (Full Disclosure: We are running v8.1 (Build 8165), so not sure if below has been added in subsequent updates. Or if it exists and I've missed it.) Feature Request: We manage numerous hosts that cannot be captured by the various Host discovery options. As such, we have to manually add hosts a couple times per week. One of the issues is when we go to add an account, sometimes the Host record doesn't exist. In that case, we have to back out of the password screen and go into the Hosts > View All Hosts Records > Add Host. It would be extremely helpful if Passwordstate supported adding a Host from the Add New Password screen for users that have such permissions. Also, if the Hosts homepage could include an Add Hosts link as it is confusing for new users (and inefficient for established users) to have to go into the View All Hosts Records page before the Add Host option becomes available. Thank you.
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