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  1. Yes, thanks. That was the problem. Anonymous Authentication was enabled for the server but not for the passwordstate site. Mea culpa Now I get a form login instead of the login windows. Have a nice day.
  2. Here are the screenshot of what I configured to the example above. Of course this won't work because of the name. And yes, I check the field under Active Directory Domains with the commands "set userdomain" and "set userdnsdomain" like it is mentioned in Passwordsate But that should not be the problem, as we have successfully imported all user of the domain customer.local
  3. Hello, Yes sorry for my imprecise answer. You type in user name (domain\username) and the password. After that the password login prompts again, like you put in the wrong credentials. I don't fully understand what you mean with "against the base domain"? Do you have an example how the setup should look like for such a case? (meaning how to authenticate Passwordstate against a second domain?) I can only test DNS/LDAP against a server (DC) or am I wrong? Or do we maybe have a misunderstand in how our environment is setup. Let me explain this short
  4. One additional thing. I just did a tcpdump on the firewall. Should there be any "activity" between the Passwordstate web server and the second domain controller during a login attempt? I could not track anything. If I do the Password check in the Privileged Account Credentials windows, than I see packages between the 2 servers.
  5. Thanks for your reply. Just a question to so that I don't misunderstand you. What do you mean with "functioning DNS to this secondary domain"? Yes, I can ping and resolve the Domain Controller FQDN from the Active Directory Domain settings. The DNS Server for the Passwordstate server has a forward Conditional Forward to the DNS Server of the second domain. There is no firewall blocking between the Passwordstate web server and the Domain Controller FQDN of the second domain. I verified this with telnet and a small tool called LdapAdmin from the Passwordst
  6. Hello, we are running Passwordstate without any problems. Now I got the task to add user accounts from an external AD (outside of the Passwordstate server domain) I did as Administrator the setup of the Domain under Administration -> Active Directory Domain (with the check mark at Used For Authentication) I created Privileged Account Credentials under Administration. The check of the Privileged Account returned "Username and Password matches". After that I did the "Add From AD" under Administration -> User Accounts. Here I could search for the user
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