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  1. Hey Guys, This is regarding password expiry notification for different domains.. Can anyone help me out in distinguishing different domain(s) for password expiry notification ? As of now, it does not show for which domain the password is about to expire. In system settings, under password expiry notification setting, I am only able to see 3 variables, none of them shows for which domain. I have tired to add [UserID] in html code, but no luck. Is there anyway where we can add the domain variable as well ? to be able to show for which domain the user password is abou
  2. Hello, We are planning to move the password state to the new server. Few queries as below- 1) Can we clone the existing server, add the new name, move the database server and point to the new server, add new hostname to authorized web servers ? Will this work? and if so, what all changes we need to do after cloning to new server ? 2) I have gone through the following link which you guys shared, but in this after a fresh installation when this section appears 'Configuring Passwordstate for First Time Use' what else we need to
  3. Team Please assist me here asap.. I am upgrading the vault and it showing me the below error. Showing error in upgradelog : Build Process 'Build_7798_EncryptPasswordDocuments()' failed with the following error - Thread+was+being+aborted. ::: +++at+System.Threading.Thread.AbortInternal()%0d%0a+++at+System.Threading.Thread.Abort(Object+stateInfo)%0d%0a+++at+System.Web.HttpResponse.AbortCurrentThread()%0d%0a+++at+Passwordstate.Common.AddDebugInfoData(String+Category%2c+String+DebugInformation%2c+String+EventType)%0d%0a+++at+Passwordstate.Cry
  4. Really appreciate your swift responses So, do we need any manual interventions on same ? I mean do we need to manually download the zip file for 7580, 7854 and keep in upgrade folder and then try to upgrade ? Or it would be taking all the things by its own and download it automatically and then upgrading. Can you please confirm here. Any additional guidance would be welcome. -Gagan
  5. Thanks..!!! This resolve the issue..! Now this is for primary one : We are in process of upgrading the password state from version from V7.3 (Build 7393) to (V7.8 Build 7854). Can you suggest what are the parameter we should keep in mind before upgrading (mainly in DB), we are using the separate db server/instance. Does it change the db name or something like that ? We would be taking full backup of db, web.config file. anything else ? I have gone through the update instruction pdf, but want to be sure if anyth
  6. Hello, While installing the password state, we encountered below error. We also check with DB team for debuginfo but there is no record found. The SQL server and database settings were correctly created and this issue is occurring after we entering the system settings values. Can anyone help me out in this ? "Unfortunately an error has occurred within the Passwordstate web site, for which we apologize for the inconvenience. The error has been captured, and Security Administrators of Passwordstate can view the detail on the screen Admi
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