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  1. Hi Thank you very much. I have been testing, looking good. What about future updates, how will I get these upgrades? Emad
  2. Hi My Web & SQL servers are behind firewall without access to the internet. Do you steps on how to update in such a situation. I am on Version 8989. Emad Aziz
  3. HI This will be very useful for my operation. I have script that creates folders, passwordlist & relevant AD groups. Currently I manually sync PasswordState with AD for the groups but now I will be able add sync & possibly add users to these groups in one go. thank you. Emad
  4. Hi recently we introduced NLB to direct traffic to passwordstate server. we had problem as the server refused traffic (API with restricted IPs). Enabled xforward on the NLB but still there was problem. PasswordState documentation under section "X-Forwarded-For Support " explains,not how. I checked on server to find Proxy&SysLog tab. After adding the required IPs (NLB) I manged to get the service working properly. Would it be possible to modify the documentation to add some examples, that would make troubleshoot much easier. Thanks Emad
  5. Emad


    Thank you, the change was made on System settings, so every user will use SAML & overrides TOTP. thanks again
  6. Emad


    Hi We just enabled MFA SAML2 Authentication to Azure. Does it over ride TOTP? it seems to override it. Can you please confirm? Many thanks
  7. Thank you, I think there were no arrows button to move it across so I can unlink it. But I eventually found it & unlinked it, weird! Emad
  8. Hi I have password list that is linked to a template. How can unlink from the template. The "Copy Details & Settings From" section is grey out. Thanks Emad
  9. is it possible or do know of a script that report on empty password list? I would like to find out how many password list that are empty (no passwords) many thanks Emad
  10. I can see it is possible to use API keys or WinAPI to create new Lists but is it possible to modify exiting list so I can add AD group permissions on them (V,M,A) regards
  11. Hi Is it possible to create folders using script such as powershell or any other method? Our requirements is to create a large number of folder which would take along time to complete. thanks
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