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  1. Hi I am wanting to know how have other got their PasswordState Installation setup For example is it installed on your own Servers Internally or have it running on a Windows VPS externally or in Azure or AWS if you do have it installed on a Externally hosted vps, Azure or AWS how do you have it locked down. Do you access via VPN for example if you are at Client's site instead of office? Or do you only access via a RDSH / Terminal Server. Or do you have the App Server configured for Mobile Access when working remotely? Matthew
  2. Hi Is it possible to create a Read Only Account that allows a user to view everything but not edit any of the fields? Is it possible to create an account that only has access to certain password lists? I can see from the features you can create logins for users and only give them access by using the Site Locations. But as I don't need Remote Locations I assume I am unable to add things to the Site Location and grant user access to certain password lists this way? Matthew
  3. Hi I was wanting to know if its possible to put in a feature that allows users to change the order of fields within the Password Lists. Matthew
  4. I have just realised this is meant to be in the General Support for Password Stare Version 8
  5. Hi What is the best recommendation to access Password State externally? Do people open ports up on their firewall so the can access over Internet or do they only allow access via Remote Desktop?
  6. Hi Its installed internally on a Hyper V VM which is Windows 2016 Server, I have turned the firewall off on the server and it still shows the same error, their is currently no AV installed. But I can access the URL https://www.clickstudios.com.au/NewBuildInfo.xml through the Web Browser without any issues Regards Matthew
  7. Hi I have just installed Password State using the Trial When I go to the Backups and Upgrades section and click on Upgrade Now I get the following message It appears your installation of Passwordstate is not able to query the Click Studios web site to determine if there is a new version to upgrade to. This may be because you need to specify proxy settings on the screen Administration -> Passwordstate Administration -> System Settings. I don't have a Proxy and the Windows 2016 VM its installed on is able to access the Internet without any issues
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