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Found 13 results

  1. Hello, I looked through the forums but couldn't find a submission, so I decided to create this. Can I please request that you add the capability to poll the remote site location agents' health status as well as the last poll time, via the API? It looks like the API methods recently added for the RSL feature don't have this functionality as of PasswordState v9.4 build 9414.
  2. I can't find properties for a password in Windows API where you can set "Require check out" and the time for automatic check in.
  3. Hello With the web interface, it's possible to copy, copy and link or move a password to another password list. It should be useful to have the same function with API. Moreover, perform these operation with the web interface is only possible one by one. Not practical if you have 50 or 100 passwords to move. May be the checkbox to perform bulk deletion can be also use to select password several password to move. regards, MB
  4. Hi there, It would be really benificial to us to be able to retive OTP codes Via the api/winapi. Everyewhere is pushing 2FA (and rightly so) and it would be greate to be able to store our OTP codes in PWS too. Many thanks Colm
  5. This should be very simple, but we can't figure it out. We have been using PasswordState APIs Anonymously until or Information Security group discovered that there wasn't very good auditing because it was all, well, Anonymous. So we disabled it, but now we can't figure out how to use credentials with our API calls. None of the documentation makes reference to it. It's as if everyone uses Anonymous API calls. This documented process no longer works for any of our scripts: # PowerShell Request $PasswordstateUrl = 'https://passwordstate/api/passwords/<PasswordID>' Invoke-Restmethod -Method GET -Uri $PasswordstateUrl -Header @{ "APIKey" = "<apikey>" } It returns with this error: Invoke-Restmethod : [{"errors":[{"message":"Forbidden"},{"phrase":"Making calls to the Anonymous API is not allowed. Please refer to your Passwordstate Security Administrators for more information."}]}] Which is obvious, because we were forced to disable it. But how can we make it not anonymous?
  6. Hi, i am currently trying to set, update or delete folder permissions through the api and winapi. The connection is working properly and if i forget to add any Apply* property or the folder is not manually managed i am getting the appropriate error message from the api. But if all properties are given and correct i only get the default error page as response from the api. I have tested all ApplyPermissionsFor* with no success. My user has admin permissions to the folder, manually adding Administrator permissions for group/user is working. The ErrorConsole does not show up any new errors. Can someone/support please test that behavior? Is the folderpermissions api method working? Example Test Code from the official API Documentation (Change: FolderID, PasswordStateURL and ApplyPermissionsForSecurityGroupName): $PasswordStateURL = 'https://passwordstate/winapi' $jsonData = ' { "FolderID":"253", "Permission":"A", "ApplyPermissionsForSecurityGroupName":"LG_PasswordState_Security_Admins" } ' $result = Invoke-Restmethod -Method Post -Uri $PasswordstateURL'/folderpermissions' -ContentType "application/json" -Body $jsonData -UseDefaultCredentials Verbose: VERBOSE: POST https://passwordstate/winapi/folderpermissions with 127-byte payload VERBOSE: received 19365-byte response of content type text/html VERBOSE: Content encoding: utf-8 ErrorPage Response: generalerror.aspx?aspxerrorpath=/winapi/folderpermissions Thanks, René
  7. Hello There is no API which allow to restore a password. Basically, provide the passwordID and the destination passwordlistID for the restoration should be useful Another API feature should be to empty the recycle bin by a simple api request by providing the passwordlistID regards MB
  8. Hi, i am developing extended powershell functions for communicating with the api. I try to stick to your API documentation for the properties here. It just seems to me that the API documentation is not up to date or does not contain all options of the individual methods, is that possible? My primary question: Is the API documentation up-to-date or, due to the fact that i want to integrate all current possible options, should I also test all options that are not documented? Furthermore I have already found some bugs in the API documentation. I would send you a list here as soon as I am done with it. An example based on the passwordlists api method: For example, the option Guide that is missing in your documentation, is working. Other options that also not available in your documentation like the following are not working: PasswordStrengthPolicyID PasswordGeneratorID PreventBadPasswordUse PasswordResetEnabled AllowExport Example query: You can see that the above mentioned options are not working (Compare Query <-> Response) body: { "PasswordList": "TestPublicList", "Description": "Test public password list", "CopySettingsFromPasswordListID": "", "CopySettingsFromTemplateID": "", "CopyPermissionsFromPasswordListID": "", "CopyPermissionsFromTemplateID": "", "NestUnderFolderID": 45, "LinkToTemplate": "", "SiteID": 0, "ApplyPermissionsForUserID": "domain\\user", "ApplyPermissionsForSecurityGroupID": "", "ApplyPermissionsForSecurityGroupName": "", "ImageFileName": "protect.png", "PasswordGeneratorID": 10, "PasswordStrengthPolicyID": 4, "PreventBadPasswordUse": false, "AllowExport": false, "PasswordResetEnabled": true, "Permission": "A", "Guide": "testguide" } Response: PasswordListID : 219 PasswordList : TestPublicList Description : Test public password list ImageFileName : protect.png Guide : testguide AllowExport : True PrivatePasswordList : False TimeBasedAccessRequired : False NoApprovers : 1 DisableNotifications : False PasswordStrengthPolicyID : 1 PasswordGeneratorID : 0 CodePage : Using Passwordstate Default Code Page PreventPasswordReuse : 5 AuthenticationType : None Required AuthenticationPerSession : False PreventExpiryDateModification : False SetExpiryDate : 0 ResetExpiryDate : 0 PreventDragDrop : True PreventBadPasswordUse : True ProvideAccessReason : False TreePath : \Services\Domain\Test TotalPasswords : 0 GeneratorName : Using user's personal Password Generator Options PolicyName : Default Policy PasswordResetEnabled : False ForcePasswordGenerator : False HidePasswords : False ShowGuide : False EnablePasswordResetSchedule : False PasswordResetSchedule : 00:00 AddDaysToExpiryDate : 90 SiteID : 0 SiteLocation : Internal OneTimePasswords : False EDIT: As workaround you can add the option "CopySettingsFromTemplateID": 1 to your json, so the settings will be copied from the specified TemplateID. Thanks, René
  9. Hi, It would be great if the API had a method to create, delete and edit templates (incl. custom fields content and values). We would like to automate most of the work in PasswordState as much as possible and reasonable. We have some special template settings and we use all generic fields, so if we want to change the contents of the generic fields or the password list settings, we would like to change this via the API/WinAPI and our CI/CD pipelines. For example, we have a "Customers" field that contains all customer names. This list is edited from time to time and must be changed in all password lists. This is not so nice to do manually with a lot of lists and the error rate (typos). Please vote for this feature request and stay healthy. Thanks, René
  10. Hello We notice that the system wide api key cannot overwrite rights set on a password list. Basically, if the box "Return blank Password value instead of actual Password" is ticked, even the system API key cannot retrieve the password with REST API function I think that the system API key should be able to retrieve everything in any password list And this right should be only apply to the api key generated specifically for a password list. regards MB
  11. I found inconsistency in REST API. Response after creating folder contains folder ID fore newly created folder, and TreePath that points to parent folder. Searching for folder return object, where both FolderId and TreePath point to found folder. Now when I want to search for Password lists in specific folder, I can refer folder by TreePath, but I can't refer folder by Folder ID. Is it intended that I will need to search for newly created folder just to get correct FolderPath reference (so that I can use it in further searches)? Or would it be possible, that creating folder response will have correct TreePath pointing to just created folder, not to parent folder? My PasswordState version is 8706. I'm unable to find API documentation on public website to check for changes in documentation after my build number.
  12. Another thing that was unexpected. When searching folders by name, it turns out that folder name string is used for substring search. For example, when using next URL for search: https://passwordstate/winapi/folders/?FolderName=Folder1&TreePath=\Test then results include folders with following names (and treepaths): Folder1 (\Test\Folder1) Folder10 (\Test\Folder10) Subfolder1 (\Test\Folder*\Subfolder1 - serveral folders) Subfolder10 (\Test\Folder*\Subfolder10 - serveral folders) How can I perform search with exact match? Without that i have to construct desired TreePath and then compare all returned results to that, if I want to get only folder I'm searching for... My PasswordState build number is 8706.
  13. Hi! We are trying to automate processes more and more and I wonder if it would be possible for you to create an API for the Global address book? (Our need is primary a way of adding new users, but I guess also removing and updating entries would be useful for us and other customers) And to make it all the way... an api for the self destruct message portal would be nice to have. That would allow us to have our user creation process completely automated. Right now the only manual action we have to do is to go in manually and send the self destruct message. Kind regards, Jasper Metselaar
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