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Found 2 results

  1. Good Evening, After updating to version 8973, I've noticed a few features seem to have stopped working. I've only tested these on one device so far, and will do more testing tomorrow, but wanted to post to see if anyone else encountered these too. Chrome Browser Extension Build 8968 - The extension seems to have stopped logging in when I visit the website. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the extension, but no luck. There is also nothing in the audit log to indicate that the extension is attempting to log in either. The last entries in the audit logs for the 'Browser Extension' platform are from before the update. The last entry for the browser extension is below, but again, the timestamp on this is from before the update. I have also tried using Edge, but again the extension does not log in and there is no entry in the audit log to indicate any attempt. Failed 'Browser Extension' API cookie authentication attempt from the IP Address '' for method Authenticate(). Error = Processing of the HTTP request resulted in an exception. Please see the HTTP response returned by the 'Response' property of this exception for details. Password Generator - The calculator button that typically generates a random password no longer generates anything. Nothing happens when clicking the button. Other buttons along the top bar, such as notifications and log off, still function.
  2. We have noticed what we think may be a bug, or at least not working as we intended. We have a password list that is shared but must provide a reason to view the password. This list contains entries that include URLs. These entries show up as usable by the browser extension when visiting the URL in a browser. The browser extension will allow you to use it but does not prompt for a reason before filling the form fields. An entry shows up in the audit log that it was used but that's all it displays. We tried setting the API usage to mandate a reason when using the API but then you can't use the entry at all and the extension never prompts for a password. Is this by design or a bug in the software? Should (or can) the browser extension prompt for a reason before filling the form fields?
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