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Found 3 results

  1. Hi @support, is it possible to make the Display Name of the hostname in a password list configurable? I mean, if you have specified an IP address for the host name and the title of the host contains the name to be displayed in the host overview, the password list still displays the IP address instead of the title. Could this be made configurable via a setting, whether you want to take the hostname or the title to be displayed for the host in password lists? We have many customer systems (Windows) that do not belong to a domain and do not have a DNS entry, so we have to store the systems with the IP address to make remote connection through passwordstate possible. In the password lists we would like to have the assignment to the name (display) instead of the IP address (as it is also displayed in the host overview). Here are two screenshots). Alternatively, you could also integrate a mouseover, if you move the mouse over the host in a password list, the title of the host could be displayed here. Passwordlist View: Hosts View: Thanks, René
  2. Hello Actually, on host tab it's possible to create a folder and populate it with a filter (by hostname/title/Tag) But as mentioned in the text, it's only at the creation. It should be interesting to add an option or something like that which make this filter permanent. Like this, when other machines are discovered with a Host discovery, they are immediately added to the folder. Regards MB
  3. Hi, I am trying to configure PasswordState for the first time, and I'm having difficulty trying to configure a specific Users group Host dashboard. Could you tell me if it's possible to create a Host dashboard, for a certain user group, that only has the Remote Session Launcher on it? No Host Properties, External Links, or Document area. Any help on this would be gratefully received. Thanks. Passwordstate Build Number : 8691
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