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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, it'b be nice if you guys could add "QEMU/KVM" to the "Virtual Machine Types".
  2. Hi, We're a large IT group and we have multiple subsidiaries using a central passwordstate vault. Each subsidiary have it's own set of internal ou customers accounts / password / servers / ... We manage the segmentation on passwords using folders (advanced or standard permissions models) or lists: each team have its own root folder and manage their subfolders and lists inside. So people from team A cannot see passwords from team B unless they've been granted for. However, hosts are not manageable in the same way. No segmentation is possible for adding / deleting / editing hosts. So if someone from Team A add an host, people from Team B can remove this host. Each team needs to be fully autonomous for managing hosts, so we cannont centralize host insertion or edition to a central Team. We could like to have an host segmentation (per folder maybe ?) so if someone create an host in group / folder "A", only people that would have been admin rights grandted on that group can add / edit / remove it. Thanks.
  3. I would like to see the Hosts display a different icons based on the type of connection.
  4. Hi @support, is it possible to make the Display Name of the hostname in a password list configurable? I mean, if you have specified an IP address for the host name and the title of the host contains the name to be displayed in the host overview, the password list still displays the IP address instead of the title. Could this be made configurable via a setting, whether you want to take the hostname or the title to be displayed for the host in password lists? We have many customer systems (Windows) that do not belong to a domain and do not have a DNS entry, so we have to store the systems with the IP address to make remote connection through passwordstate possible. In the password lists we would like to have the assignment to the name (display) instead of the IP address (as it is also displayed in the host overview). Here are two screenshots). Alternatively, you could also integrate a mouseover, if you move the mouse over the host in a password list, the title of the host could be displayed here. Passwordlist View: Hosts View: Thanks, René
  5. Hi @support, It would be great if you could set hosts as favorites similar to passwords and password lists, even on the Hosts homepage. I always connect to two specific hosts immediately after I log in to PasswordState. I always have to search for these hosts. Of course, this is not a big effort, but favorites would make the whole thing easier. Further adjustments for "Hosts Home" similar to "Passwords Home" would be great. Thanks, René
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