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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, My team and I are currently using TOTP hardware tokens for several non-Passwordstate systems. I'm now looking for the most secure method of enrolling these same tokens for use within Passwordstate as well. As far as I'm aware, the only current method of achieving this is for each individual user to essentially enroll their own OTP seed under their own account settings. I would like to avoid this approach if at all possible since manually disseminating the OTP seeds to each of my team members through typical means (email, messaging, file copy, printing, etc.), jeopardizes their overall security. As the security administrator, it would be nice if I could simply access each team member's account from the admin panel and populate the seed for them. This way I'm the only one laying eyes on the seeds and there's far less risk of them falling into the wrong hands. Thank you for the consideration. Regards, IT-Guy
  2. We need to have a symbol (or another shortcut) to copy the current value of the OTP token from the password list directly. As we are working more or less with MFA account's only, we always have to click into a password entry to get the current value of the OTP token, which is kind of cumbersome, as we are coming from a tool where you could simply hit a key-combination and get the current value of the OTP token. We hope it is possible to implement this as we think there are lot of users benefitting from this change. Thank you.
  3. Hi there, It would be really benificial to us to be able to retive OTP codes Via the api/winapi. Everyewhere is pushing 2FA (and rightly so) and it would be greate to be able to store our OTP codes in PWS too. Many thanks Colm
  4. Uploading a QR code in an incorrect format could lead to a error below: Error Code = Character is not a Base32 character. Parameter name: c, StackTrace = at OtpNet.Base32Encoding.CharToValue(Char c) at OtpNet.Base32Encoding.ToBytes(String input) at passwords_Shared_editpassword.AnalyseOTPUri(String QROutput, Boolean FromTimerTick) at passwords_Shared_editpassword.PopulateFields() Passwordstate 9 has some preventative code to stop this from occurring, but in Passwordstate 8 you will need to clear the QR code manually. To do this, please follow these instructions below: First, you should take note of the Password ID for your Password Record that you are having troubles with: Now using SQL Management Studio Tools, run the following script but substitute in your Password ID USE Passwordstate UPDATE Passwords SET OTPUri = NULL WHERE PasswordID = 'xxxx' Now you should be able to access your Password Record, and upload a valid QR code. Regards, Support
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