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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all, I have just found a solution to my problem, I am not sure if this is a case of pebcac or a bug or both, and I want to share it here for everyones benefit. The issue: After updating passwordstate (version 8 something - 9300), we found that some of our scheduled reports are not showing the details we wanted. Fix should be simple right? Go to the report, edit, tick a few boxes and save... Well, this is where my headache began. Logged in -> Administration -> Reporting -> View and Manage all Scheduled Reports created by users -> Select report to edit -> Auditing settings -> Add in an activity type -> Now try and save.... What I found was there was no way to save any changes that I made on any of the report settings - The only option on this screen is close. Next thought - Maybe sometyhing wrong with my user? Created another admin user full perms and same issue. Specific permissions on scheduled reports? Created a group, gave it specific feature access for scheduled reports. Still nothing. Major funny failure imminent. Next thought - maybe updating reports is borked. Let me just create a new report and see if I can make it work that way. Huh? I cant add a new report either??!! Funny failure commences. Resolved with a dose of caffeine and nicotine. 20 mins of poking and prodding through the settings with no joy. Then in desperation, after going through ALL of the settings in administration, I started looking elsewhere... Namely the icons in the sidebar. Oh whats this - Reports? Let me check this out. Click on scheduled reports. I am taken to the infernal Scheduled reports page that I have been pounding my face against for the last hour. What is this? Add report button!! With my heart now racing, I clicked on the report that I wanted to tick a single box on... I ticket the box and the save button is there!!! Relief, happiness, joy... wait how long did this take me to find?... Shame, anguish, irritation. Now I am here, sharing my story. Is this a case of pebcac? I will have to say yes, because everything was there and I was not using the tools correctly. I will also say, what is the bleeding point of having the option to edit my reports in the administration screens when I cant save? In conclusion, I hope that this helps some lost soul like myself, and I also hope that someone from clickstudios sees this and maybe adds in a line saying "You cannot edit reports here, please go to XYZ and edit there" or, add in a save button...
  2. We have custom fields populated for all accounts in our Passwordstate instance that we would like to report on. Please add the ability to include custom attributes in the output of the built in reports.
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