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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, we want to use passwortstate implement in our company. But as emergency storage for local accounts if Active Directory is down. In this scenario all access to passwords must trigger an alarm to the security team. Is there a possibility to trigger an custom script automatically when a password is copied?
  2. Good day! I was recently configuring remote session launcher and was unable to due the Content Security Policy not allowing "psrsl://*" on the 'default-src'. Once I added this to the header it worked as expected. My question is, can you provide a list of default headers that are now included in Passwordstate and should psrsl://* be included by default?
  3. Dear clickstudios team, could you please update your Powershell scripts to use HTTPS (-useSSL) as the default WinRM connection method and only fall back when the connection is not successful. Cheers Sebastian
  4. Haven't seen this here yet, and please point me in that direction if a thread already exists, but I'd like to request a change to the error message that is displayed at the Self-Service Password Rest Portal. Currently, if you input a username that does not exist, you are told that the username was not found. This allows an attacker to enumerate valid accounts for your organization and proceed with related attacks against Security Questions, MFA options and other attack avenues. Could this be a more generic message that does not indicate whether an account is valid or not?
  5. Having the email when a user is viewing an excessive number of accounts is good. However, it would be nice to have an option to lock an account (either for a time or until unlocked by admin) when this happens
  6. Would like to see option to limit users from adding attachments to specific folders. Since it's already a global configuration, would expect not to be big thing to make per folder setting for it too. Either implement a way to prevent users from adding documents to any folders, but continue to allow uploading them to lists and password items. Or provide a way to disable uploading documents just to specific folders. Use case: Admin makes some folder hierarchy/context on where people should be storing their lists. If there's no way to prevent uploading documents, people tend to forget or not read internal guidance and they end up storing personal documents to folders which are shared to also others. We would like to be able to prevent this from happening.
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