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Found 5 results

  1. Hi @support, It would be great if you could set hosts as favorites similar to passwords and password lists, even on the Hosts homepage. I always connect to two specific hosts immediately after I log in to PasswordState. I always have to search for these hosts. Of course, this is not a big effort, but favorites would make the whole thing easier. Further adjustments for "Hosts Home" similar to "Passwords Home" would be great. Thanks, René
  2. Hi @support i just realized that in Step 3 of the password reset process in the password reset portal the buttons "Exit" and "Reset" are not displayed correctly. (if using firefox (Extended Support Release - 68.11.0)) In other browsers like Chrome and Edge they are arranged correctly. I also have deleted my browser cache/cookies etc.. If i "manipulate" some parts of the css code for testing (added width of 100% to the row) the buttons will be displayed (not in the correct layout, but they will be displayed). Running on Build 8968. Here are some screenshots: Firefox: <removed due to 1MB attachment limit> Chrome: <removed due to 1MB attachment limit> <removed due to 1MB attachment limit> <removed due to 1MB attachment limit> Test change for width: <removed due to 1MB attachment limit> Thanks
  3. Hi, i am currently trying to set, update or delete folder permissions through the api and winapi. The connection is working properly and if i forget to add any Apply* property or the folder is not manually managed i am getting the appropriate error message from the api. But if all properties are given and correct i only get the default error page as response from the api. I have tested all ApplyPermissionsFor* with no success. My user has admin permissions to the folder, manually adding Administrator permissions for group/user is working. The ErrorConsole does not show up any new errors. Can someone/support please test that behavior? Is the folderpermissions api method working? Example Test Code from the official API Documentation (Change: FolderID, PasswordStateURL and ApplyPermissionsForSecurityGroupName): $PasswordStateURL = 'https://passwordstate/winapi' $jsonData = ' { "FolderID":"253", "Permission":"A", "ApplyPermissionsForSecurityGroupName":"LG_PasswordState_Security_Admins" } ' $result = Invoke-Restmethod -Method Post -Uri $PasswordstateURL'/folderpermissions' -ContentType "application/json" -Body $jsonData -UseDefaultCredentials Verbose: VERBOSE: POST https://passwordstate/winapi/folderpermissions with 127-byte payload VERBOSE: received 19365-byte response of content type text/html VERBOSE: Content encoding: utf-8 ErrorPage Response: generalerror.aspx?aspxerrorpath=/winapi/folderpermissions Thanks, René
  4. Hi, i am developing extended powershell functions for communicating with the api. I try to stick to your API documentation for the properties here. It just seems to me that the API documentation is not up to date or does not contain all options of the individual methods, is that possible? My primary question: Is the API documentation up-to-date or, due to the fact that i want to integrate all current possible options, should I also test all options that are not documented? Furthermore I have already found some bugs in the API documentation. I would send you a list here as soon as I am done with it. An example based on the passwordlists api method: For example, the option Guide that is missing in your documentation, is working. Other options that also not available in your documentation like the following are not working: PasswordStrengthPolicyID PasswordGeneratorID PreventBadPasswordUse PasswordResetEnabled AllowExport Example query: You can see that the above mentioned options are not working (Compare Query <-> Response) body: { "PasswordList": "TestPublicList", "Description": "Test public password list", "CopySettingsFromPasswordListID": "", "CopySettingsFromTemplateID": "", "CopyPermissionsFromPasswordListID": "", "CopyPermissionsFromTemplateID": "", "NestUnderFolderID": 45, "LinkToTemplate": "", "SiteID": 0, "ApplyPermissionsForUserID": "domain\\user", "ApplyPermissionsForSecurityGroupID": "", "ApplyPermissionsForSecurityGroupName": "", "ImageFileName": "protect.png", "PasswordGeneratorID": 10, "PasswordStrengthPolicyID": 4, "PreventBadPasswordUse": false, "AllowExport": false, "PasswordResetEnabled": true, "Permission": "A", "Guide": "testguide" } Response: PasswordListID : 219 PasswordList : TestPublicList Description : Test public password list ImageFileName : protect.png Guide : testguide AllowExport : True PrivatePasswordList : False TimeBasedAccessRequired : False NoApprovers : 1 DisableNotifications : False PasswordStrengthPolicyID : 1 PasswordGeneratorID : 0 CodePage : Using Passwordstate Default Code Page PreventPasswordReuse : 5 AuthenticationType : None Required AuthenticationPerSession : False PreventExpiryDateModification : False SetExpiryDate : 0 ResetExpiryDate : 0 PreventDragDrop : True PreventBadPasswordUse : True ProvideAccessReason : False TreePath : \Services\Domain\Test TotalPasswords : 0 GeneratorName : Using user's personal Password Generator Options PolicyName : Default Policy PasswordResetEnabled : False ForcePasswordGenerator : False HidePasswords : False ShowGuide : False EnablePasswordResetSchedule : False PasswordResetSchedule : 00:00 AddDaysToExpiryDate : 90 SiteID : 0 SiteLocation : Internal OneTimePasswords : False EDIT: As workaround you can add the option "CopySettingsFromTemplateID": 1 to your json, so the settings will be copied from the specified TemplateID. Thanks, René
  5. Hi, is it possible to change the "default flag" of password list templates, all policies and Images and account types? If you create a new password list, it looks similar to this screen: Is it possible to change the default values for Template, Image, Password Generator Policy etc.? For Example, i want to display the "Default Template" (ID 13) as default value in the dropdown menu and not the "Standard Password List" (ID 1) (see screenshot below). Is this possible? I know that i can create a user policy and force the usage of "Default template" but that not exactly what i am looking for (And is only possible for password lists) This basically should be possible for every drop-down menu. I cannot find any setting for this option. My concern is that most lists are created by users or due to carelessness with the wrong template or policies. That is what I want to avoid. The general possiblity to select these options/lists/policies for the users should remain. Thanks and keep healthy, René
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