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Passwordstate 9050 and below issue - Cannot paste into notes field in Password Record

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When trying to paste into the notes field in a Password Record, right clicking and Pasting does nothin, and neither does Control + V.



We've had a few reports of this in either build 9000, or 9050, and upgrading to the latest build has fixed the issue.  The best way to upgrade from Build 9050 is via a manual upgrade due to some issues with the automatic upgrade.  The manual upgrade is still very automated though, and just requires running an executable on your web server:


To upgrade, please first take a backup using the Administration -> Backups and Upgrades -> Backup Now.


Then, perform a Manual Upgrade by following Section 5 of this Document:  https://www.clickstudios.com.au/downloads/version9/Upgrade_Instructions.pdf


Once you are running the latest build of Passwordstate, your In-Place automatic Upgrades can be used as per normal.




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For anyone else reading this, we can only presume there is some sort of caching happening in IIS which is causing this.

Phil above has just replaced all the files a second time with his Manual Upgrade, and it's resolved it, so it seems to us to be a caching issue.


Click Studios

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Hi Lennart,


Did you read the thread above?  This can be fixed by performing a manual upgrade.  I've created a new forum post on this to try to explain in a bit more detail with links to do a manual upgrade, and if you can follow that, this will fix the issue.






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Ive read it now and Im planning to perform this upgrade today after business hours but Im still having a problem with the specifications of the account that I have to have configured for the backups to run.


From what I understand I have to have a setting called "Enable Password Resets" which I found in my passwordlist but its greyed out...


Can you please help with this?




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