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Upgrading to Passwordstate 9 error


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You are attempting to upgrade to Passwordstate 9, from build 8995, but you receive the following error:


"It appears you have upgraded Passwordstate to build 8995, but you have yet to login and finish the database upgrade step.


Please close the installer, log into your Passwordstate environment and finish the upgrade, and then you can run this upgrade installer again.


If you continue to have issues, please contact Click Studios for support."



This issue can occur when you upgrade a database to build 8995, and then restore your database and attempt to upgrade the database a second time.  This can occur if you are migrating to another environment and are testing the upgrade process, or something similar. 



Check the following file exists on your web server, and delete it: c:\inetpub\passwordstate\App_JScript\cs_library-8537.min.js


You should now be able to log into Passwordstate again, and finish the upgrade process.




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