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Browser Extension stopps working on Chromium-Based browsers

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Hey everyone, 


we're facing an issue with the browser extension on one PC/TerminalServer which we cant seem to fix ourselves. since a week or two the browser extension just stopps working properly after about 5 minutes. a browser restart or de- and reactivating the plugin fixes it for the next 5 minutes. when the issue occurs it's also not possible to generate a new password within the extension, the field will "Generate New Password" will be blank. This issue only happens on chrome and microsoft edge.


We already tried to uninstall the extension, reinstall the browsers. nothing seem to be working. today we also updated to the neweset passwordstate build, but this didnt change anything. extension is on newest version. 


Our problem reminds me of the issue from here


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Your issue does sound remarkably similar to what we were seeing. The issues seems to have magically gone away on our side, sometime in the past few days. Not sure what (if anything) changed.

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