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Excited About Passwordstate - Need Advice

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Hey everyone,

I am new to Passwordstate and just getting started. I’ve heard great things about its password management features and how it can help secure sensitive information. As someone who values security but isn't super tech-savvy, I am eager to learn the best ways to use this tool effectively.


  • What are your top tips for a beginner like me?
  • Are there any must-know features I should dive into first?
  • How do you handle sharing passwords securely with team members?


Looking forward to your advice and any resources you recommend for getting the most out of Passwordstate. Thanks in advance for your help.

I also went through this thread https://forums.clickstudios.com.au/topic/13716-passwordstate-self-destruct-message-salesforce-cpq/ but couldn't find helpful insights.


With Regards,


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some of the features we love and use about passwordstate


 - completely offline/on-prem

 - integration/support for many thirdparty mfa/otp solutions, we're using DUO with push OTP 

 - AD sync for SSO

 - you can use synced groups from AD to create a access hierachy with inherited acls, re "How do you handle sharing passwords securely with team members?"

 - OTP integration in the browser extension is a game changer, we use OTP for absolutely all passwords (where it's supported), OTP is no pain in the ass anymore (we're managing hundreds of customer accounts, so classic OTP Apps are a no go, especially with multiple support technicians)

 - self-destruct messages -> a secure and easy way to share a account/password or a message safely with others. 

 - app server for mobile access/app -> not perfect, but a really good feature (you will want a professional setting the app server for you up, because you will open up the app server to the internet)


top tip: i'd say, plan and make your own passwordlist templates and access stretegy from the very beginning. this will safe you lots of time afterwards. 


great product with lots of features (i think we're using effectively less than 50%) and a very fair licensing model. can recommend. 

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