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Title and Description fields for Hosts, Permalink capability

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Currently the Host Name field is used as the connection address when launching a remote connection, and it is also used as the host label in the Hosts folder tree. This makes it very difficult to find the correct host when the names/addresses mainly consist of IP addresses (as usually is the case when storing addresses of customer servers). We suggest adding a new Title field for hosts and using this as the label in the Hosts folder tree. This would make the Hosts section much more usable with meaningful names (e.g. "App Server", "SQL Server"). For existing installations the upgrade could prepopulate the Title field of existing host records with the Host Name.


A separate Description field would also be very useful to store any relevant free-form information about the host.


Finally, Permalinks to Host folders and Host records would make it possible to e.g. send an exact Host reference to a colleague, or to link the relevant Host records on an internal Wiki page used to document a customer's environment and setup.

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Hi Patrik,


Just a quick message to inform you this will be included in build 8165 which will be released some time today.  We'll email you as soon as the source files have been uploaded, but for the benefit of the rest of the community, permalinks are now available here on Hosts:








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