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Better HA upgrade procedure


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Hi Ubagas,


We could possibly automate the file copying aspect of the HA process, but it would rely on a human to ensure Passwordstate is always up to date with the most current HA Secondary server.  We get requests quite often where people move web servers, which would mean if we recorded the HA server name somewhere in Administration Area, this would need to be update for the automation to continue to work, if performing server moves.  Not only that, we get quite a lot of requests where customers have permissions issues when just doing backups.  If we were to automate the copying of the files, you would also need to specify an account that has permissions to transfer files across to the secondary web server.  We fear this would cause more support requests when permissions are changed, account locked out or password is changed etc.


We have thought about how we can automate the HA upgrade process better, but what we think is the most cumbersome part of the process is disconnecting and reestablishing replication, if using Transactional Replication.  Is this the type or replication you are using?  Unfortunately we don't think there's much that we can do about automating this part of the process, but we're definitely all ears if you know of a way?


Is it definitely the file copying aspect that is the issue, or do you find it a pain doing the replication part?




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well, it's not an issue per se. Let me start by saying that I cannot think of any logical reason why primary and HA instances should be in different versions :) there is preprod, dev environments for that. Having that in mind, the copying of files across the servers is just annoying and it just asks itself to be fully automated. I don't see how different is this from setting up the account for backup. When the admin is setting up an account to perform backups he might as well add additional access for it to access the HA instance. 


Regarding the Transactional Replication, what we have done is that we have 5 SQL procedures that are fully automated and takes care of removing replica and then bringing it up again.

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Hi Ubuagas,


We were discussing this yesterday as well, and also came up with the idea of using the Backup account to somehow automate the upgrade of the HA instance as well - so we'll see what we can come up with.


We would really appreciate it also if you could share those SQL procedures with us as well, as we didn't know you could automate this. If we're able to share them with our other customers, it would greatly help them as well. If this is possible, you can contact us via email if you like.


Click Studios

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