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No Need for OS in Host Discovery


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Hi we have some Redhat Linux servers in our AD and they have no OS defined in the AD so we can't auto find them.

As we have many such test servers we can't manually input them.


As I have to define OU it should be no problem to import all computers found in this OU regardless of OS.

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Hi Ulf,


We are sorry but our Host discovery jobs do depend on this attribute being set in AD, so we know what operating system to assign to it in Passwordstate.  It also allows us to set a correct port number.   Obviously by default Windows machines add this information in automatically, but when adding Linux it is a manual process.  There's a three ways around this, to help you get your Linux machines into Paswordstate easily:


1. Set the attribute in AD, which sounds like it's not the ideal solution for you

2. Import all Hosts in via a CSV file - On the View all Hosts screen there is an Import button which will guide you through the process

3. Script the import using our API.  All information relating to the API can be found under Help -> Web API Documentation


I hope this helps!




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