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Host discovery: auto-add to list


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Hi guys,


Many thanks for all your quick replies and help so far! Sorry for seemingly spamming the boards with my questions :)


I'd like it very much, if the host discovery jobs offered a feature similar to the account discovery jobs: automatically adding the discovered objects to a specific list. For example, I'm working with something like an "Unprocessed" list for newly discovered accounts, so we can have some form of queue for our administrators. I'd like something similar for the hosts. Along other lines, the hosts menu right now only shows hostnames when they're part of a list. Hosts that are not yet in a list don't show up in the menu-bar. Hence why I also would like the option to auto-add to a list.


It's not a world-shaking feature and I'm sure my wants stem from an as-of-yet-sub-optimal workflow... But heck, if you can fit it on the backlog somewhere near the bottom, that'd be great ;)

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Hello Buckit,


If I'm understanding your correctly, I think we already have a feature for what you need. If you have a look at the 'Hosts Folder' screenshot below, you can configure a Filter on the folder to automatically add Host records into it - either when they are added manually, through a Discovery Jobs, or importing them, or via the API.

Does this help at all?





Click Studios


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Yup that helps a lot! That's exactly what I was looking for. Except (going back to consistency like in my other thread) I was expecting to find it elsewhere. With account discovery this mechanism is a push mechanism: you tell the discovery job where to put the accounts it finds. On the other hand with the hosts discovery, it's a pull: you tell each host list (folder) which hosts to grab when they're added or discovered. 


So... Personally I'm a fan of consistent design: making two similar things work in the same way. But I can understand that it's not easily changed afterwards :) 


Also I can't help but wonder, what happens when two host folders both want to grab a discovered host? :) 


Thanks for your help!

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