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Instant account creation


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Now it's a hassle to create both the account, and add it to passwordstate. It would be nice if the account could be created instantly from Passwordstate. F.e. having a tab "account creation" where you can select the OU for AD accounts with a button "Create".

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Hi Yama,


Thanks for your request, and I'm not entirely sure if you're referring to creating accounts on the screen Administration -> User Accounts, or accounts within a Password List - either way, Passwordstate cannot create accounts, and we don't have any plans to look at this at this stage, as this is an Account Management function, not a Password Management function.


If you're referring to creating accounts on the User Accounts screen, then possible the following will help - If you add AD Security Groups into Passwordstate, then User Accounts can automatically be added into AD when the Synchronization of the group occurs. You can manually do this Sync on the screen Administration -> Security Groups, or you can also set a schedule on the screen Administration -> System Settings -> Active Directory Options tab.


We hope this helps.


Click Studios

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