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Any Option to Default "Enabled for Resets", "Enabled for Heartbeat" to NOT CHECKED?

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When you enable "Enable Password Resets" on a password list, it seems every new password you create has the "Enabled for Resets" and "Enabled for Heartbeat" checked by default - is there an option to have these unchecked by default?


I want most of my passwords to include hostname/IP information as well, but it seems the only way to have that field available is to enable password sets as an option (or use/burn a generic field for the purpose). At least if these options defaulted to disabled, it doesn't continually prompt the user to select a credential account when they want to save the password...


Thanks, TJ

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Hi TJ,


Sorry, we do not have an option for this at the moment - our think was that if you wanted to enable this option on the Password List, then by default you are wanting to do Password Resets as well - but what you've said makes sense.

We'll need to add a feature request for you for this, which I will do and report back here when there is a new build available.


Click Studios

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