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What permissions exist reporting

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do you plan on improving/introducing a bit easier reporting of permissions that exists within password list and for individual records? I am aware of scheduled reports and available options in the administration area, but it doesn't make it easier when it comes to access review or understanding who and what access has. A couple of issues to illustatre:

  • If I go to Administration -> Reporting -> "Report Name: What permissions exist (all users and security groups)?". I select a password list that I want to view, then select a filter (Guest = NotIsEmpty). I get a couple of users with Guest permissions in the Password List, but then I have to manually do the analytics and figure it out what permissions they have for the individual record.
  • A similar situation from the simple user perspective. A user with 500 records in the password list, when you click on "View Password List Permissions" it is basically impossible to easily get a full picture of who has which permission
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Sorry our reporting is not what you currently need. If you could provide some examples of sample report formatting that you would like to see, then we can add it as a feature request for you? Sorry to ask for this level of detail, but we don't want to guess the format and provide something again which doesn't help you.


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