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New type: "Dumb" password

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Hi guys,


Lately we've been storing things like crypto-disk PINs and Java keystore passwords in PasswordState. We've had to shoehorn these passwords into an existing password type, but that's suboptimal.


Would it be possible for you guys to build in a standard "dumb" password type? Something that will never be auto-managed, nor heartbeated. Something not tied to a hostname, nor to a username. Just a PIN/Password/Whatever. I could try and define my own type, but it'd be nicer if it was in the product.






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Hi Thomas,


I think the Generic Fields on Password Lists would be the best option for this. You don't need to enable the List for resets, or associate with any hosts, and the Generic Fields gives you different data types and encryption options as well.


Do you think this is a possibility?


Click Studios

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