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Allow adding GMSA accounts as users, so they can request passwords from the webApi

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I would like to replace all the passwords we currently have in our application configuration files with calls to passwordstate webapi.


I would also like to run our apps under GMSA accounts, however when searching for an AD user in password state, it does not seem to find any GMSA accounts.


Please could you allow us to find and add GMSA accounts to passwordstate and allow them access to password lists.


Would also be great if we could do this through the api as well as the UI.



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Hey Support,


We were indeed on a previous version of Passwordstate.


We have upgraded to the latest version now and it all works perfectly.


Thank you very much, this is a great feature and will help us a lot.


With docker and passwordstate support for GMSAs, this seems like a very good secrets management solution for this brave new world of containers, you should make some noise about this ;)


Is there any documentation for any licencing implications of using GMSA accounts with passwordstate?

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