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Ctrl Alt Del Screen


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Are there any future plans for a user to be able to reset or unlock their account from the Ctrl+Alt+Del screen like ManageEngine's product? This would be extremely helpful for my business because we cannot exactly open up the portal for users to use. I really like the concept of the portal, but a little bit more ease of use would be great.



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Hi Nate,


Good news is we already have this feature in our Password Reset Portal, and it was only introduced recently.  Just to confirm we are talking about the same thing, our password reset portal is an additional module you can purchase which allows users to reset or unlock their AD account from any device, anywhere:  https://www.clickstudios.com.au/resetportal/default.aspx


In the video below, if you skip to the 10:15 mark, it shows how to open the portal from the Control Alt Delete screen:




If you or anyone else reading this thread would like to test the Password Reset Portal, please contact us on "support at clickstudios.com.au" and we can send you instructions on how to set it up, including how to integrate with your login screen:)




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