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How do i take ownership of a private list


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As the admin of the password state instance i want to allow my colleagues to have private password lists (for work logins and such), but if they leave the organization and i need access to something, how do i take ownership of their private list and get their passwords?


Can this be done in the software or would i have to login as the user to passwordstate (using AD to reset their pwd, then login through AD Auth) and then share the list with the admin?


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Hi Jay


You can't access private passwordlists from other users as system administrator. In the administration area you can see all private passwordlists of an user and the names of the passwordlists. There you can also delete these lists but you can't access those.

The only thing you can do is reset the password of this user an login with his credentials.

But consider that it could be illigal to access his privat data, depending on your local laws.





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Hey guys,  Just a follow up on this....We actually do have a feature where you can convert a private password list to a shared list, for situations like this.  Obviously it's a very, very sensitive topic so this feature is locked down by default and there's no way not even a security Administrator can unlock this feature without the help of Click Studios.


If anyone would like to unlock this feature, that's fine with us but there is a process:


1. Go to Administration -> Feature Access -> Restricted Features and generate a request code for Step 1 in screenshot below

2. Email the generated code to click studios on support at clickstudios.com.au, and also CC in your line manager, or another Passwordstate Security Administrator if possible.  More than one person at your company needs to be aware this process is taking place, as once again, this is a very sensitive topic and we don't want to be giving out access to private data without approval

3. Click studio will email you back with a new code, which you can paste into the field #2 in the screenshot below

4. No you can convert a private list to a shared list from Administration -> Password Lists as per the last screenshot below

5. By requesting this from Click Studios you are acknowledge you are not breaking any laws in your country







Hope this helps!


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