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copy-paste in hosts

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On 1/3/2019 at 5:56 PM, support said:

Hello Fabien,


We have integrated the following third party addon for our Browser based remote session launcher, and this is all the functionality they provide sorry - http://www.remotespark.com/html5.html



Click Studios

It is listed on their site though.

  • Seamless clipboard redirection, supports text, image and html formats when copying between local and remote. supports all formats and file copy between RDP sessions.


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Hi everyone,


You can copy text  in the clipboard to a remote session from your local PC, and from the remote session back to your local PC, but the same cannot be done for files.  Files can only go one way, which is from local PC to the Remote Session.


If Spark are ever able to include this feature, we will implement it in our software and notify all users in this thread, plus in our changelog.




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