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Security architectural diagram


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I have pieced together most of the security ports needed to setup possible systems from the security admin manual.



My request to Clickstudio is for a specific network diagram that explains all the ports that need to be opened in all of the Passwordstate scenarios.  This includes the remote site, reset portal, mobile.  I realize it's mostly 443 ports being opened but there are things like the gateway on the Passwordstate server seems to require a certain port for communication.  Scripts require ssh and winrm.  What ever the heartbeat stuff needs...stuff like that.  I'd like to see a single, nice clear diagram of all these things working together so I can just hand it over to my security administrator and not spend allot of time trying to figure out if something is incoming through the firewall or needs two way traffic and what ports.  I'd like to know all the ports as if even the OS servers our completely closed up and I need to re-open up just what I need to get things working.  I've seen some diagrams looking through the documentation but not everything in one spot so I can have a fairly quick meeting with our network security people.

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