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Keyboard shortcut for Passwords operations like in KeePass


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A couple of our devs have asked about keyboard shortcuts on operating on the fields like copying the URL, username or password just like they are used to being able to from KeePass e.g. CTRL+Shift+U of CTRL+C of CTRL+B once they open a password entry.


I couldn't find it in documentation. In case it exists, can someone point it out to me?  In case it doesn't, is it possible to consider this functionality?




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Hi Jim,


Unfortunately we have investigated this in the past, and due to the nature of how our software is built, we found using shortcut keys isn't possible.  We have multiple iframes, so there's no way of knowing which section of the webpage has focus, so this is why we require a user to click a button on the object that they need to copy.


Sorry we couldn't give you a better answer for this one.Regards,



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