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shared webpage/device credentials (not extension) reverse proxy

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we would like to store credentials for webpages that are shared (i.e. not via the extension).  Typically this is for our customers' credentials and urls for devices such as printers, routers, etc which are behind a firewall (which is why the browser extension is no use.

so typically fields: url + username + password


at a basic level - just being able to store the info in a shared password list would be useful and then we can copy/paste into e.g. rdp session

at a more complex level - reverse proxy may (or perhaps socks proxy) would allow for presentation of the page in a tab that is actually retrieved by the passwordstate webserver (so we can bypass firewall) although some tunnelling would be needed for remote site agent...

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Hi Daniel,


Thanks for your request.


For your Basic Level request, that is possible right now. But for your Complex Level, we will be honest here in saying this is not a feature we will be working on - technically we're not sure how we could even achieve that, and the Agent is not designed to allow traffic through it, only to push/pull traffic from your Passwordstate API.



Click Studios

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