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Sharing URLs of PasswordState

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i think it's time to address one issue that I have been facing and some of the employees internally started to point out the same "issue". I hope this is a small feature request... It is quite common to paste the passwordstate URL to a specific password list or password record via various communication tools. The issue is that after you open the URL it doesn't and you end up in the password list, you have no idea what is the actual path or where it is in the navigation tab. It would great if in the navigation tab the user would be able to see where it landed in the navigation. For example, if have a deep structure of folders and many password lists underneath it takes some time to figure I out where exactly I am in the structure. 


I hope that makes sense :)

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Hello Azkabahn,


Yes, we think we understand your request - you're referring to out Permalink functionality, where the URL when pasted into your browser will take you back to either a specific Password List or Password record?


If so, then we already have a feature for your request above, and possibly you just need to upgrade. If you look at the screenshot below, it will filter the Password List name in the Navigation Tree, and select the correct Password List for you.


I hope this helps, and please let us know if we've misunderstood.



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