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Allow Multiple URLs to be Defined for a Password


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Hi, I would like to request the ability to define multiple URL's for a password entry in Passwordstate. I use many websites that have multiple domains/subdomains that all use the same username and password for authentication. (Sometimes the website domains differ, sometimes the website subdomains differ, sometimes the authentication URL you're forwarded to differs based on where you were forwarded from, etc. -- but they all have the same underlying authentication mechanism and use the same username and password) Currently, for the Passwordstate browser extension to work, you have to maintain separate password entries for each website, even though they all use the same username and password. This current method requires several password entry updates when a single password is updated, and can require a fair amount of searching to find the passwords to update, as Passwordstate does not provide a mechanism to associate related password entries (that share the same authentication mechanism).


I've seen two solutions to this scenario:

  • Password managers such as Keepass2Android use additional variables (e.g., KP2A_URL_1, KP2A_URL_2, ... KP2A_URL_10) to hold additional URLs and app namespaces for which the username and password should be applied. When the password manager searches for a website's URL or an app's namespace, it searches not only the primary URL, but also all of the additional variables for matches. This structure makes password maintenance much easier, and reduces the number of password entries by up to 10x!
  • Some password managers provide the ability for a password entry to reference another password entry and use the referenced password as its own. That way when the referenced password is updated, any password entries referencing it are also updated. This solution is advantageous because it allows full metadata to be captured for each website if needed.



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