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Browser Extension - Multiple Versions


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Hi everyone,


I'd like to recommend that previous versions of the browser extension be available in the extension stores. 


As a company with what will be a fairly large user base, we have the need to have a stable platform where dev/test/prod pipelines and proper change management can take some time.  That time may exceed the duration from when a new version of the extension is released to when we can update the backend platform.   The impact of having the extension automatically update and become non-functional because the main platform has not be updated is problematic.


Perhaps maintain something like this: 

  • Passwordstate-Latest
  • Passwordstate-Previous


Even if you provide just the last released version (i.e. you don't need to support every previous version, just the last one as this will still help encourage keeping the platform up-to-date) in the stores, we can at least provide a method (tell them to install the previous version) to our users to keep them working easily. It's still not a great user experience, but better than having to expedite platform level updates because of a browser plugin.  I'd really like to avoid lots of helpdesk tickets because the auto-population stops working.


I'd be open to other solutions as well but I figured I'd at least propose something to start with.  Happy to expand on the idea if needed.




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Hi cwaters,


As far as we are aware, the extension stores do not allow this, and it's outside of our control unfortunately. We did email all customer a month ago to inform them an update was coming, but understand that some customers have change control process which can take longer than this.


We believe you can deploy Chrome extensions via Group Policy, and not rely on the store, so possibly you could explore this - and we can provide a copies of source code if required. An even better option would be for Chrome to provide a feature where you can turn off auto-updates like Firefox does. Maybe you can log that feature request with Google as well.


Click Studios

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