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SSPR - Keep AD Email Addresses in Sync for Verfication Methods


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We have a scenario where most of our users (90%, i.e thousands ) using the password reset portal are using personal email accounts i.e gmail.

Email changes occur quite frequently at the moment, and they are all using the email temp PIN policy.

We notice this behavior:

  1. User has email address in AD

  2. User auto enrols into Temp PIN policy

  3. User Email changes in AD

  4. Windows service runs

  5. Users new email updates and changes in password state “Account Details”

  6. Users new email does not update in “verification methods”


Is it possible to have a feature (maybe a tick box) that allows for the AD email fields to keep in sync with the verification method email address?
This logic does may not work for standard office users if we wanted to expand it to them later on i.e. who have domain accounts.

If it could be filtered to a security group that would be good.




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Just a quick update on this and as of 8942 we have included some new functionality for this, and the email address will not synchronise to the verification data if it is updated in AD.


To upgrade, please follow one of the sections in this document:  https://www.clickstudios.com.au/downloads/version9/Upgrade_Instructions.pdf




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