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API Needs a Query Security Groups

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There is no ability to query whether a security group exists in PasswordState.


This makes it difficult to determine whether one needs to be added or not.


Since the current Add Security Group causes duplicates, it is even more useful for such a call to exist, to stop this occuring

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With regard to this topic, two small things would be useful:


  • Sync of description will not happen if the Active Directory Security Group will be imported when using the API. If i import the group manually through the web gui, the AD Group description will be imported. The description should also be imported when using the API.
  • @Steve 
    • As workaround you can query the Report with ReportID 40 (What security groups exist, and who are their members?). If the group exists, you do not need to execute the request to the api for creating a AD Security Group. Add your SiteID or Remove the parameter from the below url.
      • $PasswordstateUrl = "https://passwordstate/winapi/reporting/40?SiteID=<SiteID>"    
            $result = Invoke-RestMethod -Uri $PasswordstateUrl -Method GET -UseDefaultCredentials
            Write-Host $result


  • BUT it would be nice, if the API could refuse the import if the group name already exists.
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