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additional permission on propagated sub folder

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to manage alot of PasswordLists and Passwords it is mostly better to Manage Folder and PasswordLists with propergated Folder, but if a third group need permissions for part of this Lists you must add them to every Password on a list. This is a lot of work.


it would be helpfull if it possible to add seperate permission on an sub Folder of a propagated Folder.

If Folder One have


Folder 1    =>  group1 have modify and group2 view permission

    -> Folder 1.1 = > only the permission of the upper folder

        -> List 1.1.

    -> Folder 1.2 = > additionally group2 get modify permission

        -> List 1.2.n

    -> Folder 1.3 = > additionally group3 get view permission

        -> List 1.3.n

Kind Regards


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Hello Everyone,


Just letting you know this feature is now complete, and included in the version 9 release.


To upgrade, please refer to either of the documents below, from our documentation page here - https://www.clickstudios.com.au/documentation/default.aspx 

Click Studios

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