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Provide a secure way to get password from client(External party)


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PasswordState has a great way of sharing password with external party using self-destruct email however the solution has a major gap. Most passwords entered in PasswordState come from external source and PasswordState provide no such feature to get password details in a secure way from external party.


How I see the solution working:

- Create an entry in password state

- Send a link externally that allows the user to fill in the details - Once only and cannot be edited

- PasswordState send an email to the requestor(internal employee) advising details have been filled


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This is a great idea!


We currently have a solution to send credentials out to clients securely, but there isn't really a way for them to send it back. They can of course set up their own solution, but convincing clients to do is an uphill battle. It'd be a lot easier if we could just send a link where they can secure send us credentials.


To build on the previous solution suggestion I see the below.

  • Create an entry in Passwordstate
  • Similar to how we'd generate a permalink to the password entry for internal use, we can generate a temporary link.
    Like Self Destruct emails, it can be configured to expire after X number of days or X number of opens, and have a passphrase lock put on it.
  • Similar to Self Destruct emails, the one who generated the link can get email notifications when they're viewed/edited.

This would allow people to not only view a password entry, but to also securely (and temporarily) edit said password.

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