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  1. Hi HeizungAuf5, Maybe you can try using the API. If you create a powershell script that call the PasswordState API on /api/passwords you'll be able to do the same as the export all password. Now schedule your script execution and 🎵Ta Da🎵 You can find the documentation at : https://YOURPASSWORDSTATE/help/manuals/api/retrieving-all-passwords-in-al.html Regards, Vincent Vié
  2. Hi gsb.sabroo, when you right click on the folder and select Edit Properties there is a Folder Permission Model box where you can select the type of model you want to use. if the folder isn't at root, you can only disable inheritance from parent. Regards. Vincent
  3. It could be interesting for the PasswordState Security Administrator to be able to use a button like the one in the password List to show every folder in the Hosts section. Regards, Vincent
  4. Hi, I've got something similar, when i browsed to the path of the .rdpv file, there were 2 files with the same name, one is name for example, session12012022.rdpv and the second one session12012022_1.rdpv. the first one was 1ko and the second one a lot more. i just renamed the first one .old and removed the _1 on the second one and now it display correctly in the playback. Hope it help
  5. Hi Support, Well I tried again yesterday and the button worked. I can't see what was blocking as nothing changed since the ticket was opened. Thank you. Regards, Vincent
  6. I'm currently installing PasswordState gateway on an other virutal machine as the one the server (Build 9519) is. I followed the steps of the Passwordstate Remote Session Launcher (clickstudios.com.au) and at the step 8, the Browser based Gateway settings button is returning an error (image 1). And in the error console (image 2). The gateway vm is reachable through 7273 port. Can you help me figure out what's wrong ?
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